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The Directions in Technology

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Published on: 2017-12-29

Future techies can figure out some really exciting but scary versions for the future of the world .From being teleported from one location to another was supposed to be possible in our life time but it has not been possible yet. Some interesting inventions like VCR were once considered to be a high-tech but now they are on the verge of extension. Let’s have a look on Top Future Predictions in the Tech World by the Future Techies . Zero-size Intelligence Computer chips that have been made smaller in size- some powered by just five to ten atoms None wants to be called zero in intelligence, but it’s really good to have whole lot of high computing bundled in zero size nano computing chips. Moon, Mars or something even far ? Exploring space has been taken to the next level in the 21st century with Curiosity Rover on Mars and plan to launch the “most powerful rocket in the history “ the Space Launch System (SLS) , NASA along with some private firms like the Falcon 9 launch by the SpaceX Neuro Hacking Neuro-Scientists are researching on the ways to read people’s minds with machines and chips, and are on it for decades, Universities like University of California, Berkeley and elsewhere are making real progress on it. Mass Data Techies are still not been able to do the neuro-hacking and neuro-marketing but they have the access of all our data, from images to all the personal information available on the cloud storage .Algorithms are used to mine the various types of data from various sources and use it to make sense of it Quantum Control Quantum control uses the scientific ways derived form the physics and used it for the computer application purposes. Youth Movements for technology With decreased cost of internet and other tech gadgets , youngsters of age group 16-24 years are coming up with discontent may led to a rebellion in the form of technological or infrastructure sabotage, either physically or in cyberspace. https://www.imaintainsites.com/blog/top-future-technology-predictions-tech-world/ https://www.imaintainsites.com/blog/infographic-directions-in-technology/