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Certifized by American Bureau Of Certification Viewna - Meet Sam 2013


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Published on: 2013-10-08

http://www.CertifiedMLS.com Certifized is the Trade Mark owned by American Bureau Of Certification. Certifized and Certifizable homes are listed at http://www.CertifiedMLS.com. Any home for sale that has been or can be Certifized, can be listed at http://www.CertifiedMLS.com, even if these have not been certified at the time of listing but is certifiable and will be certifized if a buyer is found and is ready to make an offer. Even qualified buyers can ask for Certifization on any other not that is not yet in the data bank of www.CertifiedMLS.com Certified Multi List Service is the licensee of American Bureau of Certification. Certifized is the wave of the Real Estate of the future. Contact us at info@CertifiedMLS.com